Junkyard Mayhem

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My own FNAF AU!
These are free for you all to use for videos as long as I get credit for making the original images.
Sometime after the reopening of the FNAF pizzeria was shut down again, the animatronics were locked inside. In this universe, things Played out a bit differently in the fact that Bonnie had his face and both arms still, Toy Bonnie didn't exist yet. Chica also was less damaged. Anyway, after roughly 50 years of being trapped in the pizzeria, and general ware and tear, when the building was demolished, the animatronics were crushed because nobody had even came back for them. They say there for several more years before being taken into a junkyard in 2019. They woke up once they were able to be activated by the owner of the junkyard in 2021. They lived peacefully until William had revealed himself to be the employee that dragged them from the ruble of the pizzeria, causing the group to go into a frenzy due to still having a grudge from being murdered so many years ago, and then forgotten for several years after that. William managed to escape alive, but the animatronics were left with holes in their minds due to William's disguise making them not trusting any humans ever again.
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